• Study Grants

    Based on the selection results, students receive educational grants, covering 100% of the tuition fee

  • World-Class Faculty

    International experts having a vast practical experience in implementation of large-scale IT projects

  • Focus on Practice

    Over 40% of the academic program is devoted to practical activities in the form of team projects

  • Internship and Employment

    Students do their internship in partner-companies of the University and start working there upon graduation

  • Enhanced Scholarship

    Students’ scholarship amounts to $240-640 per month in case of excellent academic performance

Educational Programs

Inspired by Carnegie Mellon University that is among the TOP-5 universities in the world in the category of Computer Science & Information Systems, according to QS.

Duration: 1 academic year + 1-year internship.

The program is designed for experts having 3 years of experience in software engineering who are focused on career growth and aiming to become a technical leader, a software architect or a project manager.

In the beginning students are offered 7 core courses and 4 elective courses and then have to work on their final projects.

As part of their final assignment, students develop industrial projects in cooperation with the partner companies of the University. Thus, students are able to demonstrate the skills they have acquired while working on their practical tasks. Project groups work under the supervision of mentors. Mentoring allows students to make decisions and carry out the project while being supported by experienced practitioners.

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  • Introduction to Personal Software Process
  • Models of Software Systems
  • Methods: Deciding what to Design
  • Managing Software Development
  • Architectures of Software Systems
  • Analysis of Software Artifacts
  • Communication for Software Engineers I, II

Our graduates have the skills able to help them in their career and quickly become:

  • Software Architect
  • Technical Leader
  • Project Manager

IT-professional, software developers with a potential become a tech.leader fast way.

Selection Criteria

  • Experience in team software development
  • Knowledge of English (Intermediate level or higher)
  • Knowledge of programming languages (Java, C++, C, C+, etc.)
  • Knowledge of fundamental Computer Science disciplines
  • Advanced knowledge of at least 2 of the following 6 disciplines: operating systems, database design, networking, concurrent and parallel programming, algorithms, data structures
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This program is developed on the basis of the System and Network Engineering program of the University of Amsterdam — the best Master’s Program in the Netherlands in the category «Informatics» in 2016 (according to Keuzegids)

Duration: 1 academic year + 1-year internship.

The program itself is very extensive, and students will have to devote their time fully to the study process. Because of complexity of homework assignments and topics covered during the year, we have comprehensive admission procedure, which includes tests and presentation.

More information about program.

  • Fundamentals of Secure Networks
  • Secure Systems and Networks
  • Classical Internet Applications
  • Distributed Systems
  • Offensive technologies
  • Inter-networking and routing
  • Advanced networking
  • Cybercrimes and forensics
  • Advanced security

Our graduates are employed as:

  • Expert in Internet Security
  • Computer security architect
  • Penetration tester
  • Vulnerability assessor
  • Computer forensic analyst
  • Junior Researcher
  • System Engineer

Selection Criteria

  • Experience in network security
  • Knowledge of English (Upper Intermediate or higher)
  • Knowledge of protocols and architecture of computer networks
  • Knowledge of programming languages: Python and the Unix command shell scripts
  • Knowledge of algebra and discrete mathematics
  • Experience in composition of technical documentation
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This bachelor's degree program is designed by world-class experts in Computer Science, Robotics and Software Engineering working in conjunction with representatives from the research community and IT companies.

Program duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

The first 2 years of studies students take core courses in Software Engineering and Computer Science. In the 3rd and the 4th years, students can select electives considering their specific degree plan: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Robotics, Game Development and Applications, or Data Science.

The majority of courses foresees joint projects. Some courses contain research work under supervision of laboratory team members of Innopolis University.

The curriculum includes 32 weeks for internships in large IT companies and departments, startups and research laboratories.

  • Introduction to Software Development
  • Data Structures and Databases
  • Software Architects
  • Machine-Human Interaction
  • Intelligent systems
  • Concurrent programming
  • Data modeling and databases
  • Operating systems and network
  • Computer graphics

Our graduates are employed as:

  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Junior Researcher
  • IT Entrepreneur

Selection Criteria

  • Knowledge of English (Intermediate level or higher);
  • Personal achievements: participation in Olympiads, competitions, conferences (with priority to the field of IT);
  • Excellent academic performance in Computer Science (topics for applicants) and Mathematics (topics for applicants);
  • Basic programming skills.
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How to get the scholarship?

During the recorded webinar you will know:

  • key advantages for the international students to study at Innopolis University
  • information about the programs and the requirements
  • how to get 100% scholarship to study at Innopolis University in English
  • about international faculty and world-class experts of the University
  • about campus, environment and sport facilities

How to get the scholarship


Architectural design of the academic & research building of Innopolis University provides maximum comfort to students, faculty members and employees. Laboratories and lecture rooms are equipped with all facilities necessary for classes and research activities, including special premises designed for individual studies and teamwork. The campus also includes a library, a coffee house, spaces for recreation and watching movies.

Students of Innopolis University live in comfortable rooms of the modern campus. Each room is equipped with basic appliances and new furniture, has its own kitchen and bathroom. Free Wi-Fi is available on campus. Students are welcome to use the laundry and cleaning services.

The sports venue is designed to promote healthy lifestyle among students of Innopolis University and local residents. Students are able to use a multi-purpose sports grounds, gym, saunas, hammams and a swimming pool free of charge.

Students and Graduates

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