О процессе получения гранта

01. How do I apply?

Please place your application at https://apply.innopolis.ru/en/get-in/. You will be asked to:

1. fill in your personal data;

2. attach your documents:

- CV/portfolio, motivation letter (required),

- letters of recommendation, project description (optional);

3. pass online tests;

4. submit your application.

Once you submit your application, it proceeds to the admissions office review.

02. Do I have to complete 100% of the application?

<p>The percentage of application completeness includes both required and not required fields. Thus, once all the required fields are filled in and you are happy with the rest of the application, you can submit it.</p>
<p>In case the "Submit" button is not active, please double-check the fields marked with a red exclamation sign.</p>

03. What programs can I study?

<p>Innopolis University offers Bachelor program in Computer Science (for more details see full description <a href="https://apply.innopolis.ru/en/bachelor/" >here</a>) and four Master programs: Data Science, Software Engineering, Robotics, Network Engineering (for more details see full description <a href="https://apply.innopolis.ru/en/master/ " >here</a>).</p>

04. What are the requirements for entering the programs?

<p><b>Computer Science (BSc)</b></p>

<p>- Knowledge of English (Intermediate level or higher) </p>
<p>- Personal achievements: participation in Olympiads, competitions, conferences (with priority to the field of IT) </p>
<p>- Excellent academic performance in Computer Science (topics for applicants) and Mathematics (topics for applicants) </p>
<p>- Membership of a national team at international Olympiads in Informatics, Math, Physics (IOI, IMO, IPhO) would be an advantage.</p>
<p><b>Data Science (MSc)</b></p>
<p>- BS degree in CS, math or related areas </p>
<p>- Strong background in mathematics and programming</p>
<p>- Calculus, Data Structures & Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Probability, Intermediate Statistics, Computer Programming </p>
<p>- Knowledge of English (Intermediate level or higher) </p>

<p><b>Robotics (MSc)</b></p>

<p>- Knowledge of English (Intermediate or higher)</p>
<p>- BS degree</p>
<p>- Strong mathematical background</p>
<p>- Good knowledge of physics and informatics (programming), statistics and algorithms</p>
<p>- Basic knowledge in Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and control theory</p>
<p>- Understanding what is robot and areas of robotic</p>
<p>- Practical experience in industry (would be a plus)</p>
<p>- Experience in working with technical systems</p>

<p><b>Software Engineering (MSc)</b></p>

<p>- BS in Computer Science or similar disciplines</p>
<p>- At least 1 year of experience of software development in teams</p>
<p>- Previous knowledge of programming fundamentals and software development process</p>
<p>- Knowledge of foundations of Computer Science</p>
<p>- Basic knowledge of operating systems, database design, networking, concurrent and parallel programming, algorithms, data structures</p>
<p>- Knowledge of English (upper-Intermediate level or higher)</p>

<p><b>Network Engineering (MSc)</b></p>

<p>-1 year of experience in network administration and/or development</p>
<p>-Knowledge of protocols and architecture of computer networks</p>
<p>-Skills in Linux-based operating systems</p>
<p>-Programming skills: Low-level development (C/C++) or web-application development (python / JavaScript / Ruby ) the Unix command shell scripts</p>
<p>-Knowledge of algebra and discrete mathematics</p>
<p>-Experience in composition of technical documentation</p>
<p>-Knowledge of English (upper-intermediate or higher)</p>

05. What is Project Description?

<p>Project Description is a required document for MSIT-SE program applicants. It is meant to elaborate on the projects you have completed or participated in (please provide the names of the projects, dates of your participation, your responsibilities and the results).</p>

06. What should be included in CV/portfolio?

In your CV you are expected to show your study and work experience with details, as well as your achievements related to Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Informatics, English language and Sports. It is desirable to show your achievements since they show your proficiency and progress in particular fields.

The achievements are desirable since they show your proficiency and progress in particular fields. Especially, please let us know if you are/were a member of national team at international Olympiads in Informatics, Math, Physics (IOI, IMO, IPhO), ACM/ICPC, WRO - the achievements of that kind are a big advantage at the stage of application and later (in case you get a grant and accept it) provide you with an advanced monthly allowance.

07. What are the deadlines for the application?

Application for Fall-2019 open from October 9, 2018 till May 1, 2019.

Early bird application: comlete your application before November, 15 and get your scholarship decision by January, 15 (number of scholarships is limited, and further scholarship decisions will be released starting from March).

Please note: you don’t have to register another application, in case you have already registered one before (the tests are now renewed, and you are able to amend your documents and personal data).

08. What is covered by the scholarship?

<p>The scholarship covers up to 100% of the tuition fees.<p>

<p>Students’ monthly allowance amounts to 12000-42000 Rubles (200-700 U.S. Dollars), depending on the program and the academic success.</p>

<p>In case a student enrolls on a self-funding basis (partial scholarships covering 30 %, 50 % and 70 % of the tuition fees can be offered), the costs are from 180000 to 420000 Rubles per semester for Bachelor's program, and from 210000 to 490000 Rubles per semester for Master's programs, and the monthly allowance is not provided.</p>

09. How do I get selected for the scholarship?

<p>Scholarship competition proceeds in four steps: </p>

<p>Step 1: Register your application through Innopolis University <a href="https://apply.innopolis.ru/get-in/" >application portal</a>. Fill in the application form, prepare CV/portfolio, motivation letter (<i>required</i>), letters of recommendation, project description (<i>optional</i>), pass online tests and submit your application. </p>

<p>Step 2: Get invitation to the skype interview with Admissions office representative. </p>

<p>Step 3: Get the second interview with professor of Innopolis University. </p>

<p>Step 4: Pass English test or document your proficiency in English (IELTS Academic, TOEFL certificates, etc.)</p>

10. How do I track my progress on the application?

Please be aware that after each step of the scholarship competition you receive a decision which can be "declined" or "passed". Only successful passes of all 4 steps guarantee the scholarship award.

Regular review decisions are released approx. once in 2-4 weeks.

We appreciate your patience as we prepare to release admissions decisions. Please know that we are unable to give decisions over the phone; therefore, it will be your responsibility to monitor your email account for your decision.

All admissions decisions will be sent via email from admissions@innopolis.ru with the subject line "Your Innopolis University Admissions Decision”. Please add this email address to your safe list so that your decision does not go to your junk or spam folder. Decisions will be released to the email address you provide on your application.

11. Is TOEFL or IELTS certificate required?

Innopolis University does not require to have any language certificates from international students. However, an IELTS or a TOEFL certificate would be a plus. Anyway, all candidates are to pass an internal free language examination by Innopolis University.

12. Am I required to know Russian to enter the programs?

English is an official language of instruction at Innopolis University, and all courses are taught in English.

You do not need to know Russian language for studies and everyday communication at Innopolis University, but we recommend to start learning it.

Some preparatory studies of Russian will be offered at the Summer School preceding the academic year.

13. When does the academic year start?

The Fall semester starts in mid-August with two weeks Summer School which includes English and Russian preparatory courses and general adaptation activities.

14. Will there be any professors from my native country teaching at Innopolis University?

Innopolis University is proud to have a truly international team of faculty members representing leading global schools. You may learn more about our academic staff on the IU website.

15. Is accommodation guaranteed?

<p>IU guarantees that all incoming students are to get placements at the university dormitories. </p>

<p>Living fee amounts to 2,000 Rubles (25 U.S. Dollars) per month. However, incoming students are free to choose to live outside university campus.</p>

16. Where will I eat in Innopolis?

Students may choose between several options of having their meals.

Firstly, there is the University canteen where you can eat for reasonable price (e.g., 3 meals daily, 7 days a week would cost about 9,000 Rubles (150 U.S. Dollars) per month).

Secondly, student dormitories have fully furnished kitchens; therefore, you can buy needed products in the local shop and cook by yourself.

There are also some alternative options as the canteen in the nearby Innopolis Technological park, Italian restaurant in the town or food delivery (pizza, sushi, noodles etc).

17. What cost of living should I expect?

In general terms, living in Innopolis and Kazan is way cheaper than in Moscow. Please find detailed description of costs of living here.

The study period will cost you much less if you choose university dormitories as a place of accommodation. Current price of a shared room is 2,000 Rubles (25 U.S. Dollars) per month.

18. What can I do in my leisure time in Kazan?

<p>Innopolis is a satellite city of <a href="https://youtu.be/IGqi8_YA1Lo" >Kazan</a>, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan is a big multinational city with the population of over 1 million people. It has a rich 1000-years long history. Everyone can find something to satisfy personal interests and hobbies. You may find many attractive places to visit on <a href="http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g298520-Activities-Kazan_Republic_of_Tatarstan_Volga_District.html" >Trip Advisor website</a>.

19. How will I get to Kazan if I live at the University campus?

<p>The main mean of transportation is Innopolis-Kazan bus (so called «Shuttle»). It runs between the cities regularly and will bring you directly to the Kazan city centre for free. </p>

<p>You can also order a taxi that will take you one way for around 600 Rubles (7,5 U.S. Dollars).</p>

<p>An alternative option is a local car sharing company, where you can always rent an electric car. Innopolis is situated 35 km far from the Kazan city centre. </p>

20. How do I get a visa to come to IU?

Visa requirements differ depending on a country. Please contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country to get detailed information regarding visa requirements.

The University will provide you with an official invitation letter, if required.

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