Security and Network Engineering

The Master of Science in Security and Network Engineering (SNE) program is developed on the basis of the System and Network Engineering program of the University of Amsterdam — the best master's program in the category "Computer Science" in Netherlands in 2018 (according to Keuzegids).

Duration: 1 academic year + 1 year full time paid internship in IT industry

Start of studies: mid-August

Mode of studies: full-time, on-site

The Secure Systems and Network Engineering (SNE) is a one-year master intensive program.

The SNE program is designed for IT specialists who have 1+ year of work experience and who are aimed at professional and career development in the field of network security.

The program focuses on applied network engineering and computer security concepts, in order to expose the students to the real industry problems solving. 

Normally, the study day consists of lectures in the morning and practical tasks and laboratory work in the evening. The studies are conducted in accordance with OS3 principles (Open Standards, Open Software, Open Security).

Presentation of SNE program (PDF)

Core Courses

  • Classical Internet Applications
  • InterNetworking and Routing
  • Advanced Networking
  • Security of Systems and Networks
  • Research Project
  • Large Systems
  • Advanced Security
  • CyberCrime and Forensics
  • Offensive Technologies
  • Industrial Project

Selection Criteria

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (Information Security)
  • 1 year of experience in information security
  • 1 year of experience in software development
  • Knowledge of protocols and architecture of computer networks
  • Skills in Linux-based operating systems
  • Programming skills: Low-level development (C/C++) or web-application development (python / JavaScript / Ruby ) the Unix command shell scripts
  • Knowledge of algebra and discrete mathematics
  • Experience in composition of technical documentation
  • Knowledge of English (upper-intermediate or higher)
Ways of evaluation:
  • Professional testing: Networking (knowledge of TCP/IP protocols): TCP/IP stack,Transport Protocols, Applications, IP Addressing, OSI 7-Layer model.
  • Professional testing: Unix (knowledge of command line programs GNU / * nix)
  • Personal interview with IU Professor
  • Soft skills assessment
  • Extended English test (Listening and Reading), IELTS-like
How to prepare:

Check IELTS sample test, free online course Road to IELTS, other IELTS preparation materials by British Council.

NB! Once offered a scholarship, each candidate has to confirm his/her English proficiency. More information>>

Be ready to elaborate on your relevant experience (education, job duties, projects, research): both in your CV and at the interview.

Career perspectives: SNE graduates usually take positions of Network Security Engineer, Secure Systems Architect, Penetration tester,Vulnerability Researcher, Computer forensic specialist, Incident Responder, DevOps, Application Security Engineer.