Robotics and Computer Vision

The Robotics and Computer Vision Master program is designed for candidates seeking key competences in Computer Science, Robotics and Programming. The students learn how to develop frameworks and algorithms for Human-computer/robot interaction and new robotics solutions with elements of AI.

Duration: 2 academic years

Start of studies: mid-August

Mode of studies: full-time, on-site

The Robotics and Computer Vision Master program was developed based on best world practices applied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Sapienza University of Rome, National University of Singapore. 

The program is designed for young professionals aimed at professional development in the fields of: 

- mechatronics, management and prototyping; 

- methods of complex teсhnical and optimisation problems solving, based on machine learning;

- solving applied problems in fields of self-driving transport, industrial robotics and technical vision systems. 

Core Courses

  • Semester 1: Fundamental of Robot Control, Programming, Robotics 1, Sensors, Machine learning + choosing a diploma project + elective courses
  • Semester 2: Computer vision, Robotics 2, Autonomous systems, Behavioural and cognitive robotics + working on the diploma project
  • Semester 3: Computational intelligence, Self-driving car, Neiroscience + working on the diploma project + soft skills elective courses.
  • Semester 4: finalising the diploma project, project defense.

Selection Criteria

  • BS in Computer Science or similar disciplines
  • Strong mathematical background (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics)
  • Good knowledge of Physics and Mechanics
  • Programming skills (system and/or high-level programming languages)
  • Knowledge of English (upper-Intermediate level or higher)
Ways of evaluation:
  • Professional testing: Programming (performed on Codility platform) - 4 programming tasks (can be solved in C, C++, Java 8, Lua or Python)
  • Professional testing: Mathematics - Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics
  • Professional testing: Physics - Mechanics, Electrical engineering
  • Personal interview with IU Professor
  • Soft skills assessment
  • Extended English test (Listening and Reading), IELTS-like
How to prepare:

Check IELTS sample test, free online course Road to IELTS, other IELTS preparation materials by British Council.

NB! Once offered a scholarship, each candidate has to confirm his/her English proficiency. More information>>

Get familiar with Codility platform

Career perspectives: upon graduation, students are employed at Innopolis University partner companies: Yandex, ICL, Tinkoff and others.

The graduates usually take positions of: Senior software developer, Data Scientist, Analyst.