Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program is designed by world-class experts in Computer Science, Robotics and Software Engineering working in conjunction with representatives from the research community and IT companies.

Duration: 2 academic years

Start of studies: mid-August

Mode of studies: full-time, on-site

The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Master program is aimed at providing students with real-industry Data Science skills: from definig a business problem to presenting the work results, solution implementation and reporting.

The program is mainly focused at Machine Learning approaches.

The program is offered for candidates interested in Research&Development, who possess fundamental knowledge in Mathematics and are skilled in information search and reporting. 

Core Courses

  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Management Software Development
  • High-Dimensional Data Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Research paper

Selection Criteria

  • BS in Computer Science or similar disciplines
  • Strong background in Mathematics and Programming
  • Programming skills (Python - desirable)
  • Knowledge of Calculus, Data Structures & Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Probability, Intermediate Statistics, Computer Programming
  • Knowledge of English (upper-Intermediate level or higher)
Ways of evaluation:
  • Professional testing: Programming (performed on Codility platform) - Algorithms and Data Structures, Programming
  • Professional testing: Mathematics - Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Probability and Statistics
  • Personal interview with IU Professor
  • Soft skills assessment
  • Extended English test (Listening and Reading), IELTS-like
How to prepare:

Check IELTS sample test, free online course Road to IELTS, other IELTS preparation materials by British Council.

NB! Once offered a scholarship, each candidate has to confirm his/her English proficiency. More information>>

Get familiar with Codility platform

Be ready to elaborate on your relevant experience (education, job duties, projects, research): both in your CV and at the interview.

Career perspectives: upon graduation, students are employed at Innopolis University partner companies: Yandex, ICL, Tinkoff and others.

The graduates usually take positions of: Senior software developer, Data Scientist, Analyst.