Master programs

Want to become an IT Professional or boost your professional and research career?

Get your IT Master's degree in Russia in English

Apply for a scholarship covering up to 100 % of the tuition fees. Use your chance to obtain your IT master degree for free!

The Master's degree programs are designed both for recent graduates with no work experience and for young IT specialists with some work experience in the industry. The programs are delivered in English. The Majors are:

  • Information Technology - Software Engineering
  • Security and Network Engineering
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics and Computer Vision

How to get a scholarship covering up to 100% of the tuition fees:

Step 1: Register your application at Innopolis University application portal Fill in the application form, prepare CV, motivation letter, project description (required) and letters of recommendation (optional), pass online tests and submit your application.

Step 2: Get an invitation to further selection rounds, including interview with IU professor, HR assessment and professional tests. NB: candidates from Russia and CIS countries are invited to on-site two-day monthly selection rounds. Candidates from all other countries take the interviews and tests remotely.

Step 3: Receive the interview results and the scholarship offer. Provide your enrollment and visa documents and come to Innopolis in mid-August.

7 reasons to study at Innopolis University:

#1 Study Scholarships - based on the selection results, students receive scholarships covering up to 100% of the tuition fees
#2 World Recognised Faculty - international experts having a vast practical experience in implementation of large-scale IT projects
#3 High Educational Standards - IU Master's programs are developed in collaboration with leading IT universities: Carnegie-Mellon and University of Amsterdam. All programs are taught in English
#4 Focus on Practice - over 40% of the academic program is devoted to practical activities performed as team projects
#5 Enhanced Options - internships offered by leading Russian IT companies (Yandex, AkBars, Acronis, Cognitive Technologies, Infowatch, Sbertech, etc.), exchange programs, start-up support
#6 Unique Environment - nature at your doorstep, comfortable student apartments, 24/7 security service, free sports facilities
#7 Advanced Monthly Allowance - up to $250-600, based on academic performance

Official documents:

1) REGULATION on the Competition for Higher Education Grants for Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Programs for the participants from far-abroad countries .PDF file

2) REGULATION on the Competition for Higher Education Grants for Master’s Degree Programs for the participants from Russia and CIS countries .PDF file

3) CONTRACT on Higher Education Studies for Master's program, .PDF file