Visa and Registration

Once you accept the scholarship offer, we proceed to the visa arrangements. You will be asked to provide some extended information so we can apply for your visa invitation.

Study Visa

Please note: It takes up to 30 days to receive the visa invitation letter from the Russian Migration Service. As soon the invitation letter is ready, we will also let you know and you will be able to set a date of your visit to a Russian Consulate in your country to apply for your Russian visa. The e-invitation will be sent directly to the Consulate.

IMPORTANT: Please contact Russian Consulate in your country in advance to find out the list of required documents to apply for Single-entry study visa (90 days).

Organization (организация): Autonomous noncommercial organization of higher education Innopolis University (Автономная некоммерческая организация высшего образования «Университет Иннополис»)
Address (адрес): Building 1, University street, city of Innopolis, 420500, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Phone and email (телефон и электронная почта): +7 (843) 203-92-53,
TIN (ИНН): 1655258235
According to your visa invitation letter, you are eligible to apply for a GENERAL SINGLE-ENTRY STUDY VISA, 90 DAYS (ОДНОКРАТНАЯ ОБЫКНОВЕННАЯ УЧЕБНАЯ ВИЗА НА 90 ДНЕЙ)
Dates of entry: are individual! Please refer to your visa invitation letter.
Telex number: not applicable in your case.
Invitation number (номер приглашения): displayed at upper left corner of your visa invitation letter (also repeated at lower right corner under a barcode). Example: 161800 2R4607161

>>>Once you arrive in Russia and sign your study and scholarship documents, the visa will be extended for 1-year Multiple-entry study type and will be renewed each study year. The visa extension fee is Rub 1600.

Migration card

When you come to Russia and cross the border of our country, you get the migration card from Russian Migration Service (at the airport of arrival in Russia). You will be asked to provide the following information: 
Purpose of travel: Education;
Name of host person or company, locality: Innopolis University, Innopolis city.

Registration paper

Once you arrive in Innopolis, you will have to submit your visa and migration card, and we will apply for a registration paper for you.
А) Every time you cross Russian border
and get a new migration card, you need to be registered by the Migration Service within 3 days. Only in this case your residence in Russia will be legal. IU will apply for your registration, once you provide your documents (see below).
В) Every time you overnight at any new place within Russia (even if you travel to a close-by place for one day), you have to renew your registration paper within 3 days. When you travel, hotels and hostels do the registration for you when checking you in. Please take the registration paper they will do for you and bring it to the next place of your residence.

NB! In case you don’t renew the registration properly, you will have problems with visa prolongation, and this will cost you time and money.

Please check the visa requirements, a Russian Consulate working hours and appointment details beforehand.