Official Documentation

Both the scholarship competition and the enrollment are conducted according to Innopolis University documentation. Please read the documents carefully to understand the scholarship conditions.

UPDATE (as of April 6, 2020): the tuition fees have been reconsidered by Innopolis University administration recently. For Fall-2020 entry, the full tuition fee has been stated as 800.000 Rubles/year, both for Bachelor and Master programs.

The Official Documents will be amended accordingly, till the end of April.

Official Enrollment Documentation

Both the scholarship competition and the enrollment are conducted according to Innopolis University documentation:

1) REGULATION on the Competition for Higher Education Grants for Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Programs for the participants from far-abroad countries .PDF file
3) CONTRACT on Higher Education Studies Bachelor's program, .PDF file and Master's program, .PDF file

NB! The contracts will be signed upon your arrival in Innopolis, as soon as you have your Diploma translated into English, legalized and recognized (we will guide you later on these procedures, in case they are applicable to your case).

Important moments to be noticed in the Enrollment Documents:

Regulation on the Competition for Higher Education Grants for Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Programs for the participants from far-abroad countries = Regulation;
Higher Education Grant Contract = Grant Contract;
Contract on Higher Education Studies = Contract.

Grant = Scholarship

1. Duration of studies 
Bachelor program - 4 years, Master programs - 2 years
(see Contract, clause 1.2)

2. Why there are two contracts (Grant Contract and Contract)?
One of the documents - the Contract - defines the relationship between you as a student and Innopolis University as an educational institution.
Another document - the Grant Contract - states you as the scholarship receiver (grantee) and confirms that your study fees are covered by the scholarship and not your personal money.

3. A student’s responsibilities
A student is obliged to attend lectures and classes, provide all project reports timely and pass exams. He/she is also responsible for treating the University’s property carefully and obey the rules of accommodation at the University Campus.
(see Contract, clause 2.5)

4. A grantee’s responsibilities
To master an academic program is central and vital responsibility of grantees from far-abroad countries. Unlike Russian and CIS grantees, you are NOT obliged to work in Russian IT companies upon your graduation.
Also, you are not obliged to refund your monthly allowance (if any) in case of withdrawing from the studies.
(see Grant Contract, clause 3.1)

5. Can someone receive the scholarship for a second time?
In case you pass the scholarship contest successfully, get the scholarship offer, accept it, come to Innopolis University, sign the contracts and start your studies - your scholarship is considered authorized. In this case you are not eligible for receiving the scholarship for a second time. (see Regulation, clause 5.2)
Meanwhile, in case you participate in the scholarship contest and for some reason don’t pass it or don’t accept the scholarship offer, you are absolutely eligible to apply for the scholarship for a second time next year.

6. Having a scholarship, why do I sign the Contract where the full payment is stated?
The Contract confirms your status as a student. The official form for this document, including the full amount of the tuition fees, is set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.
Meanwhile, according to the Contract, Part III the tuition fees are covered by the scholarship. Exact amount covered by the scholarship (30 % / 50 % / 70 % / 80 % / 100 %) is specified in Contract, clause 3.2.1.
Please make sure you understand the amount of your scholarship and the amount of your personal expenses.
In case you are offered a partial scholarship (covering 30 % / 50 % / 70 % / 80 % of the tuition fees), payment for the first semester shall be made within 10 days after signing the Contract; payments for each following semester shall be made before the start of the respective semester.
In case you are offered a full scholarship (covering 100 % of the tuition fees), you will receive monthly allowance based on your academic performance.
(See Regulations, clause 1.4.3).

7. Employment of international students and graduates
Based on the Regulation, international students are not obliged to work upon completion of their studies (unlike Russian and CIS countries citizens). Meanwhile, international graduates can stay in Russia for work, in case they are offered an employment (the employer is responsible for all work visa arrangements).
While being a student at Innopolis University, an international student is eligible for employment by Innopolis University (possible employment options are research assistant, teaching assistant, etc.) and is free to work as a freelancer as far as it is compatible with his/her studies and doesn’t affect his/her academic performance.

When it comes to signing the enrollment contracts, there are some supplementary documents as Request for admission and Consent on personal data processing to be reviewed and signed. They are usually prepared on a day of enrollment.