7. Estimated Expenses

The list of estimated expenses has been compiled based on actual expenses of international candidates enrolling in Fall-2019 semester. Please note that some costs are average and some are subject to change in 2020.

All expenses are to be covered by a candidate,regardless the scholarship amount:

- all visa-related expenses (travel, fees);
- all legalization expenses (travel, translations, fees);
- medical services (medical insurance for getting a visa + student medical insurance);
- accommodation while travelling to and living in Innopolis;
- food, travel, clothes and other daily expenses.

NB! Check if there are any scholarship programs available in your country to support students applying for higher education study programs abroad. 

Estimated expenses

Money exchange

At Innopolis one can pay for everything with a credit card, though it is good to have some cash in Rubles for any unexpected needs. There is an exchange point (EUR, USD) in Innopolis Technopark – though they accept new paper money only (in very good condition) and do not accept damaged or old paper money. Also, there are currency exchange points at the airports (you may go there on your arrival to Moscow or Kazan airport) and many of them are available in Kazan (where you can go after the registration and check-in at Innopolis).

Upon your arrival you will be offered to apply for a Russian bank card to receive your monthly allowance and do any payments.

Procedures like transfer; translation into Russian and notarisation of the translated documents; application for recognition procedure within legalization process can be done by you personally or can be performed by Innopolis University on an additional Paid Services Agreement.