Enrollment documents

Once you receive a scholarship, the following documents should be prepared:

Documents to be prepared by you:

1. Passport – required for visa and enrollment
- notarized translation into Russian: pages with personal information (usually first two pages)
NB! Your passport should be valid within 18 months starting from Aug, 2020 (i.e. till February 2022). In case your passport expires earlier, you will have to apply for a new passport before proceeding to your visa application and enrollment.

2. Diploma / School leaving certificate + Transcript – required for enrollment
- notarized translation into Russian, all pages
NB! In case you won’t have the documents yet, an official certificate stating the estimated date of issue of your certificate / diploma shall be presented.

IMPORTANT: According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, educational documents issued in some foreign countries can be accepted by Russian organizations only after legalization procedure. Check if it applies to your country: http://nic.gov.ru/en/proc/nic/legalize .

Documents to be prepared by Innopolis University:

1) Scholarship offer (email)
is issued by Innopolis University to those who successfully passed the scholarship competition steps
2) Scholarship confirmation letter (paper/email)
is issued by Innopolis University to those who accept the scholarship, can be used at work and at visa application
3) Visa invitation letter (e-copy)
is inquired by Innopolis University and issued by Russian Migration Service to those who accept the scholarship and provide all required documents 

Procedures like translation into Russian and notarisation of the translated documents; application for recognition procedure within legalization process can be done by you personally or can be performed by Innopolis University on an Paid Services Agreement. 

Please see the Paid Services Agreement (amended as of June 06, 2020) for details.