Diploma and Passport

Diploma / School leaving certificate + Transcript and Passport are essential documents to be provided within your online application at http://apply.innopolis.ru/en/get-in.

Diploma / School leaving certificate + Transcript

Diploma / School leaving certificate
– required for the applilcation, in case you already graduated.

Transcript (marksheet)
– required for the applilcation, in case you already graduated;
– can be issued either as an additional document to your Diploma / School leaving certificate OR as a Diploma Supplement.

In case you have both documents, upload them as one .pdf file.

NB! It is common for some Schools and Universities to issue the Certificates, Diplomas and Transcripts within 6-12 months after graduation. If this applies to you, please enquire an official letter from your School / University to confirm your student status, current academic performance and expected date of graduation and receiving the document


At the stage of application your passport is required to confirm your personal identity.  

NB! In case you don’t have your national passport yet, please upload any of your IDs with a photo of yours (e.g. a driver's license or a student card), as a temporary document.
Once you have your national passport data, please let us know of it. 

In case you get a scholarship, there are further requirements to your documents. Please see Enrollment Documents chapter for details.

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