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Admissions for Fall-2021 intake
are OPEN till May, 2021 


Bachelor's program

The Bachelor's degree program is designed by world-class experts in Computer Science, Robotics and Software Engineering working in conjunction with representatives from the research community and IT companies.

The program is delivered in English. The Major is:

Master's programs

The Master's degree programs are designed for IT specialists having work experience in the industry.

The programs are delivered in English. The Majors are:

How to apply

Scholarship competition proceeds in two steps: 1 - online application, 2 - on-site tests and interviews.

Successful candidates are offered up to 100 % scholarships covering the tuition fees.

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Placing an application

Register your application at Innopolis University application portal

Fill in the application form, prepare CV, motivation letter, project description (required) and letters of recommendation (optional), pass online tests and submit your application.

Selection criteria and program requirements
Selection rounds

Get an invitation to further selection rounds, including interview with IU professor, HR assessment and professional tests.

What to expect:
  • IT skills assessment;
  • English tests, oral and written;
  • Interview with IU Professor (in English);
  • HR assessment.
Scholarship offer

Receive the interview results and the scholarship offer.

Provide your enrollment and visa documents and come to Innopolis in mid-August.

Graduate employment

  • Graduates of Innopolis University build their careers in lead Russian and world IT companies.

    Russian ans CIS citizens are to work for a chosen IT company for one year upon graduation.

    International candidates don't have to do this one-year work, though they can stay in Russian for further employment, in case they get a job offer.

  • Kenneth Chinedu from Nigeria, MSc graduate

    Innopolis University is a unique institution. Having studied at an ordinary Russian university prior to Innopolis, I can tell the difference. Although the University has similar courses with other institutions, they are delivered in an entirely different way. So far, Data Modeling and Databases (DMD) is one of the best courses I have studied. The course project was a real industry-level project, which involved writing a database engine and building a web application that runs on that engine. I feel that this is the right place for me.

    Marco Garcia from Mexico, BSc graduate

    Studying at Innopolis has become an amazing change in my life that started with my trip from México. The University has a modern curriculum delivered by the faculty members not only from Russia but also from Canada, Korea, China, France, Italy, and others countries. Innopolis city provides a perfect environment for students’ comfort. Besides, the University team organizes competitions, hackathons and other events of different nature, including the academic, sports and entertainment ones.